How to delete windows.old folder in Windows 10


Windows 10 have been out for a couple of months, and with the threshold 2 it feels great!

When you have upgraded to windows 10 from win 7 or 8.1 you get a folder under C:\ named “windows.old”.
This folder contains your old operating system, if you would restore back to your old os this is the data that will be used.

If you have decided to stick with windows 10, this folder is unnecessary and will only take up space on your delicious ssd drive 🙂

The folder contains systemfiles, therefore you will not be able to delete all files. The system just won’t let you.


This is how I solved this and saved about 16GB of space:

Press windows key + R and type cleanmgr.exe then press “OK”



Press “Clean up system files”

cleanup system files


Scroll down to “Previous Windows Installations and select it, then “OK”

cleanup old_os


Click “delete files”



Click “Yes” to confirm the delete



Windows will now delete the files, this will take all from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes depending on size and disk preformance.



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