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Getting Started with Office 365

The great benefits of working with SaaS,is that you don’t really need any infrastructure to get started. For example you could basically get started with an Office 365 tenant in just a couple of minutes.

With all new startup companies and young and bright people start up there own business, its critical to have basic it-structure from start to a limited cost.

Therefor, I will simply show how easy you could get started with office 365 with the basic functions like email, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Sharepoint, so on and so forth.


Create a Office 365 tenant with E3 trail licenses:

Go to Microsoft Office 365 setup guide for E3 licenses here.

Enter the information as required:

Be sure to select the correct country, so the tenant is provisioned in the correct datacenter for your location and then press next.


(If you want to choose witch license to get started with, you can do this at Select the subscription you would like to try by clicking “Free trail”)

Now its time to enter the information for the first Office 365 account in your tenant.
Normally, you would like to create a account named “Admin” of some sort.

Be sure to double-check the “Company name” that creates the first account.
This name cannot be changed later on. This name will also appear in the tenant, for example
Also make sure to save the credentials you insert!


Confirm you´re not a robot:


Enter the code, and press “Create my account”


The tenant will now be provisioned, it make take a couple of minutes before all services are functional and working as planed.


The tenant will now be provisioned, it make take a couple of minutes before all services are functional and working as planed.



Get all Office 365 services working with your custom domain!

When the tenant is provisioned, you will only have the *.onmicrosoft domain in your tenant. Of course you need to add your private custom domain.

Here is how to!

  1. Go to the office 365 portal site and login with your Admin-credentials
  2. Go to the admin center and select “Domains”
  3. Click on “Add Domain”







4. Add your domain by following the guide.

You will need to verify that you own the domain before you can start using it.
This is normally done by adding a TXT record into your dns zone.
It regularly looks something like this:

TXT name TXT value TTL
@ MS=ms35523824 3600

5. When the domain is verified, you can add all those records that actually will make office 365 work:


Host name Points to address or value  TTL
autodiscover 3600
sip 3600
lyncdiscover 3600
msoid 3600
enterpriseregistration 3600
enterpriseenrollment 3600


TXT Name TXT value   TTL
@ v=spf1 -all 3600


Service Protocol Port Weight Priority Name Target
_sip _tls 443 1 100 @
_sipfederationtls _tcp 5061 1 100 @


Priority Host name Points to address or value TTL
0 @ 3600


6. When all above records is tested, your Office 365 services will be online and all functional!

7. Now you need to create some new users and assign some licenses, and you are good to go with a basic office 365 tenant